Welcome to The Spirit’s Vision as expressed through the art of Cliff Little. These one of a kind pieces are individually handcrafted and truly blend art and functionality. Many visitors, fortunate to see Cliff’s creations in person or here at the website, are astounded because Cliff’s artwork looks nearly impossible to conceive much less to actually create. Using wood as his primary medium, the art is almost intricate beyond belief and often raises more questions than the artist alone can answer. Believing each piece of wood has its own color, grain and texture, Cliff feels he is blessed to be able to reveal what to do with each piece, often saying the wood “tells you what it wants to be”. Although it’s difficult for many to understand the creative process behind this work, Cliff believes “All things are possible …” (Luke 18:27) when you’re in the Spirit. Even when stumped in the creative process, Cliff believes that there are not many mistakes, saying that each step leads him to what he needs to do next, knowing eventually, the Spirit will move him … “I will direct your steps…” (Proverbs 3:5-6). It has been quite a journey for artist, Cliff Little, and we hope you enjoy your journey though The Spirit’s Vision.
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